Sundar Pichai funny Hindi problems at IIT Kharagpur

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently visited  IIT Kharagpur : Recounts his hostel days and answered questions from students at an open-air theatre in the campus. The event, which was attended by over 3,500 students, was streamed live by Google on YouTube.

Sundar Pichai’s Funny Hindi Problems at  IIT Kharagpur:

Sundar Pichai returned to the IIT Kharagpur campus after 23 years. He studied Metallurgical Engineering at IIT and spent his spare time writing codes. Sundar Pichai got candid about struggling to learn Hindi and let students in on one of his mischievous adventures during his time at the college. Here is what he said about his Hindi Problems during his initial days at IIT Kharagpur.

I came from Chennai. I learnt Hindi in school but I never spoke it much. So, just listening to how people are speaking, One day, there was someone in the mess and I had to call him. I called him ‘abbey saale’. In the first couple of weeks, I thought you call people that way. Next thing I know is the folks in the mess were quite upset and I think they temporarily closed down the mess.

-Google CEOSundar Pichai

Check out the Video below: